We don't really get to see a cadet's career progress after they leave the organisation. At the point they leave us to follow their chosen career path, whether it be a career in the military, a civilian career, university or other form of education, they leave with skills that will be useful both in military and civilian life, a sense of adventure, confidence, self motivation and self reliance.

So on Wednesday this week it was nice to see the next stage by being invited to attend former 1289 cadet and civilian instructor Katie Patterson's phase 1 graduation and passing out parade at the RAF Recruit Training School at RAF Halton.

Unfortunately Katie picked up an injury during training which resulted in an extended stay. Basic recruit training normally lasts 10 weeks, but Katie has spent 7 months at RAF Halton recovering and completing her phase 1 training. To soldier on through this has been a test of real self motivation and resilience and these traits are the very essence of commitment to a career in the military. Katie now moves on to join the RAF Police as a dog handler.

Congratulations on your graduation and pass out and the squadron wish you the very best of luck with your phase 2 training. Don't forget to come back and see us!