We're recruiting! Are you aged between 12 in Year 8 and 18 and have an interest in adventure, aviation and the Royal Air Force? 

Alternatively are you over 20 with some time to spare to help give young people a leg up? If so a rewarding experience as a Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer awaits.

We don't really get to see a cadet's career progress after they leave the organisation. At the point they leave us to follow their chosen career path, whether it be a career in the military, a civilian career, university or other form of education, they leave with skills that will be useful both in military and civilian life, a sense of adventure, confidence, self motivation and self reliance.

Our new minibus, purchased with the kind support of the Stratford Town Trust, has been painted! It now clearly identifies that it's our bus, with some lovely decals. 

On 31st August 2016, 60 cadets and 16 staff set off on 1289 Squadron’s annual journey to Arnhem in the Netherlands to take part in the ‘Airborne Wandeltocht’, the world’s largest one-day walking event commemorating the allied operation to liberate the Netherlands in 1944, codenamed Operation Market Garden.

On the 22nd August, Claire Bowry of the Stratford Town Trust formally handed over the keys of a brand new Ford Transit Mini Bus to Flt Lt Dave Ariss.