The main reason for becoming a cadet is to have fun! However an enormous part of the ATC's work is to develop our cadets into successful, confident young adults. Day to day cadet life focuses on development, both academically and personally. This is evidenced by our classification training and rank structure.

Classification Training (Classification and Subject Areas)

First Class Cadet - ATC History/ Drill/ RAF History/ History of Flight/ Airmanship/ Map Reading/ Initial Expedition Training/ Basic Radio Communications.

Leading Cadet

Senior Cadet 

Master Cadet

Instructor Cadet (On completion of MOI Course)


Cadet Rank Structure

Cadet Corporal 


A cadet holding the rank of Corporal is a JNCO (Junior Non-Commissioned Officer) and acts as the liason between cadets and SNCOs. To be selected for promotion you must demonstrate leadership potential and attend a two-day JNCO course.

Cadet Sergeant

 A Cadet Sergeant is the first rank as an SNCO (Senior Non-Commissioned Officer) and it is their role to administer/manage tasks given to them by the SNCO leadership team.

Cadet Flight Sergeant

Cadet Flight Sergeants are normally placed in charge of a flight of cadets. They will be responsible for the discipline of their flights and will ensure that activities are being properly administered by the Cadet Sergeants. 

Cadet Warrant Officer

Reaching Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) is an enormous achievement. Unlike the previous ranks, a CWO is appointed, following a successful interview, by the Wing Commander on recommendation from the Squadron OC. A CWO acts as a bridge between the staff and cadets, planning and running activities. They hold more responsibility for welfare and day to day Squadron life.