As a cadet, you will be given the opportunity to grow as a person. You will learn skills, not all taught at school, such as leadership, public speaking, drill and discipline. 

  • Junior Non-Commissioned Officer Course - if you would like to progress up the rank structure, you will first attend a JNCO course, held by Wing at RAF Cosford. This two-day course will teach you about stepping into the shoes of a leader. You will be assessed on your ability to teach and present, as well as handling difficult situations. 
  • Method of Instruction Course - once you have passed your Master cadet exam, you can attend a one day course at Wing HQ where you will be taught how to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to a large group. You will then be asked to deliver a presentation of your choosing at Squadron, assesed by a Wing Staff Officer. On passing, you will be presented with your yellow lanyard!
  • The Air Cadet Junior Leaders Course - Not for the faint-hearted, the Junior Leaders Course is physically demanding and requires real commitment and determination. The course, which runs from September to Easter, involves nine weekend training camps and an assessment week. A big step up from the Cadet Leadership Courses, the Junior Leaders Course is aimed at older cadets - you must be 17 or older in the year you begin the course. It's also open to Sea Cadets and Army Cadets and culminates in the award of a Level Two Certificate in Team Leadership from the Institute of Leadership and Management. This is the toughest but most rewarding of our leadership courses - make it through and you'll have the makings of a very successful leader... (courtesy of HQAC)


W&B Wing MOI Course                                                


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